Quick Cozy & Super Easy Ponytail Hat Knitting Pattern

Quick Cozy and Really Easy Ponytail Hat Knitting Pattern available for free. Beginner friendly that works up quick with satisfying and gratifying results.

If you recall how fabulous the Messy Bun Hat was, and still is mind you, you’ll have no trouble at all falling head over feet for this newest addition, the Ponytail Hat. Featuring a ribbed brim, and a really easy stockinette stitch rise, and of course that coveted spot for your ponytail or bun.

The decreasing is simple, and with the great big yarn and the big needles, this already easy pattern scores big points for instant gratification.

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Top Knitting Patterns of 2016

Top Knitting Patterns of 2016 from the Messy Mom Bun Hat, to the Faux Cable Infinity Scarf to the Yoga Socks to the Snuggle Sack . You Need this list.

2016 may have been a lot of things to a lot of people – and one thing we can say with certainty, is that is was decidedly not boring.  Even the knitting got super exciting.  Right?

Top Knits of 2016

From our tops to our toes – and everything in between – we got really creative with our knitting this year, and it’s time to celebrate all that was great in 2016, and I would be remiss if I didn’t start with the knitting patterns, so here you have, the Top Knitting Patterns of 2016

Knits’ End – Seed Stitch Messy Bun Hat

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Seed Stitch Messy Bun Hat

Seed Stitch Messy Bun Hat Knitting Pattern available for free. Beginner friendly that works up quick with stunning results

Introducing a beginner friendly free knitting pattern for the hat that broke the internet.  This Messy Bun Hat features a rolled brim, plus a classic seed stitch rise, and an uber convenient spot for your bun or ponytail. Merry Christmas!

Also, don’t be alarmed by the term seed stitch, after all it’s all just knits and purls.  In a seed stitch pattern they are arranged in a certain way to give that unique texture, and a denser fabric.

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Homemade Christmas Gifts To Knit

homemade gifts for christmas to knit

Knitters are gifters by nature, and with the holidays right around the corner, we just can’t help ourselves.  What can I say, Knitters gonna knit.  No worries though, I found 16 Homemade Christmas Gifts Patterns to Knit.  Happy Holidays!

Homemade Christmas Gifts To Knit

Here are some of the merriest gifts you can knit this season.  Quick, quality projects that are sure to warm the hearts of everyone on your list

Gifts To Knit for Her

We all know these patterns aren’t strictly for her, but I know a lot of women and little girls in my life who would love these, and there’s still time to make them!

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Awesome Knitted Hat Patterns for Winter

6 Knitted Hat Patterns perfect for winter. Stunning, stylish and just right for the next DIY on your list. These are also great gift ideas

There’s no denying it, winter is coming.  I’m dreaming of a white Christmas and all the jazz indeed, but don’t get me wrong.  I hate it when my ears get cold.  These knitted hat patterns are not only going to keep you warm, they’ll make excellent gifts.

Knit Hats for Winter

I collected a couple of patterns for myself, and thought I’d share them with you also.  I absolutely love the Owl Hat from Julie is Coco and Cocao, and you may recall I shared the matching scarf from her collection in Great Knits for Kids.

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Great Knits for Kids


Around this time of year it’s nice to stock up on hats and mitts for our little ones, and if you’re a knitter, you probably want to make them all yourself.  Right?  See, I know, I feel ya.

I can help you out with this wonderful little collection of children’s knitting patterns.  These are sure to get your knitting and your little ones headed in the right direction for the cold season heading our way.  Go ahead and make all the warm things.

Children’s Knitting Patterns

Chances are you’re a knitter, or you want to be a knitter, and in either case, your timing is perfect.

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