DIY Luxurious Bath Mat

DIY Hand Knit Bath Knit featuring a bamboo stitch, 100% cotton and all the luxury you can imagine

More from the cotton front – this luxurious bamboo stitch bath mat.  This Bath Mat features an easy but still fun bamboo stitch, 100% cotton yarn, and is perfect for any season knitting, and of course gift giving!

Now don’t be alarmed by the term bamboo stitch, after all, it’s all just knits and purls.  In the bamboo stitch pattern, we’ve just thrown in a few yarn overs to give that unique texture, and a richer fabric.

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Bamboo Stitch Bath Mat

Yes, I’m still indulging in all of that fabulous cotton yarn out there, and still finding new ways to use it in the house. I have been creating cloth after cloth, and now it’s time to broaden our horizons a little bit and to move on to this luxurious bath mat.

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