Faux Fur Lumberjack Hat Knitting Pattern


Printable pdf download of this easy and fun Faux Fur Lumberjack Hat.


Made with a faux fur and super soft yarn, this is decidedly not your grandfather’s lumberjack hat.

Faux Fur Lumberjack Hat Knitting Pattern

The Faux Fur Lumberjack Hat

Go ahead, try to make just one. With a cozy neck flap, and a charming faux fur embellished flap on the front, this hat is completely adorable.

Beginner Friendly Pattern

This hat is perfect for beginners, made with really big yarn on really big needles.  In fact, the pattern was designed with beginners in mind. Worked flat, therefore there are no intimidating double pointed needles to keep you from trying it.

Faux Fur Lumberjack Hat Knitting Pattern

Get Your Copy

Available as a downloadable Pdf right here, and also in our Etsy Shop.

Faux Fur Lumberjack Hat Knitting Pattern

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