Homemade Christmas Gifts To Knit

Knitters are gifters by nature, and with the holidays right around the corner, we just can’t help ourselves.  What can I say, Knitters gonna knit.  No worries though, I found 16 Homemade Christmas Gifts Patterns to Knit.  Happy Holidays!

16 quick and easy knitting projects for Homemade Christmas Gifts To Knit

Homemade Christmas Gifts To Knit

Here are some of the merriest gifts you can knit this season.  Quick, quality projects that are sure to warm the hearts of everyone on your list

Gifts To Knit for Her

homemade gifts for christmas to knit

We all know these patterns aren’t strictly for her, but I know a lot of women and little girls in my life who would love these, and there’s still time to make them!

Finger Knit Infinity Scarves – by Julie is Coco and Cocoa

Yoga Socks – by Twisted Fibers Design

Herringbone Clutch – by Hands Occupied

Knitted Bows – by Lines Across

Heart Headband – by Peace but not Quiet

Gifts To Knit for Him

Again, don’t get bogged down with the ‘him’ part – these patterns could totally do double duty as gifts for girls too.

Neck Tie in Seed Stitch – by Kristen McDonnell on Ravelry

Bonny Watch Cap – By Brittney-Jean Bailey on Ravelry

homemade gifts for christmas to knit

Gifts To Knit for Home

I need all of these items in my life, and in my house – and maybe after knitting for everyone else….

Star Pillow – by Craft Passion

2×2 Ribbed Throw – by Love Knitting

Dishcloths – by Staci Perri on Ravelry

Gifts To Knit for Anyone

homemade gifts for christmas to knit

And these are just perfect for anybody, anytime.  Who needs a reason or a season?

Rainbow Twist Neck Warmers – by Nemcsok Farms

Knitted Santa Hat – by a Knitting Blog

Knitted Bunny – by Gina Michele

Stacking I-Cord Bowls – by Moms and Crafters

Cuffs – by Design Improvised

and don’t forget our Knitted Coffee Cup Cozy

homemade gifts for christmas to knit

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What are you knitting this Holiday Season?

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