Great Knits for Kids

Around this time of year it’s nice to stock up on hats and mitts for our little ones, and if you’re a knitter, you probably want to make them all yourself.  Right?  See, I know, I feel ya.

I can help you out with this wonderful little collection of children’s knitting patterns.  These are sure to get your knitting and your little ones headed in the right direction for the cold season heading our way.  Go ahead and make all the warm things.

Children’s Knitting Patterns

Collection of knits for kids, fun children's knitting patterns

Chances are you’re a knitter, or you want to be a knitter, and in either case, your timing is perfect.

Choose any ( or all!) of these patterns to whip up some good old fashion hand made gifting for the little ones in your life.  These would also make excellent options if you were looking to donate to any shelters or charity drives for children.


Collection of knits for kids, fun children's knitting patterns

Hats and Mitts

Knit Ear Warmer – by The Idea Room

Stripey Slouchy Beanies – by Moogly

Lazy Mittens – by Pickles

Quick and Easy Pom Pom Hat – by Nemcsok Farms

Collection of knits for kids, fun children's knitting patterns

Scarf & Vest

Kids’ Loop Scarf – by Little Red Window

Toddler Vest – by Craftpassion

All the Warm Things

It’s so much easier to enjoy the winter weather if you’re dressed properly, and knitting for kids is always just going to make you feel like a superstar.  If your winters are cold, you may want to consider alpaca or sheep’s wool.  ‘Real’ wool is better for warmth, however be sure to find a washable variety.  Go with acrylic yarns if washability if your priority.

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Wanna talk knitting?  See something you love?  Drop me an email, or share your thoughts in the comments

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