Hand Knit Friendship Bracelets

Hand Knit Friendship Bracelets are the ultimate DIY made with love gift for a friend. Perfect for Teammates, Schoolmates, Party Favors and Kindred Spirits

Friendship bracelets will never go out of style.  You’ll want to whip up a gazillion of these for party favors, school friends, teammates, and kindred spirits.

Friendship Bracelets

What could be sweeter than a handmade gift for your bestie?  Friendship bracelets have stood the test of time, and are going to be on trend for many years to come.  Plus this pattern I put together is so easy and works up so quick, you will be a bracelet factory this weekend.  Using a simple twist and super bulky yarn gives the bracelet the sturdiness to keep it’s shape, making it wearable. Also, just think of how happy all your friends will be!

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