Holiday Swirl Legwarmers Knitting Pattern knit flat in red and white perfect for Christmas, Valentine's Day, Canada Day and more!
Candy Corn Mittens knitting pattern for candy corn themed easy knit mittens for kids. Worked flat with a simple seam

Candy Corn Mittens Knitting Pattern

It may indeed be the season of all things pumpkin, but we better not overlook Candy Corn.  And since we all love candy corn and knitted mittens, you can’t go wrong with Candy Corn Mittens, right? So, bring the tradition of the super sweet confection we have come to love to a new level for your little ones, and dress them up in just the right combination of yellow, orange and white! Continue reading

Hand Knit Friendship Bracelets are the ultimate DIY made with love gift for a friend. Perfect for Teammates, Schoolmates, Party Favors and Kindred Spirits