Earth Day Knitting Projects and Patterns

Knitting Patterns and Projects for Earth Day such as fun up-cycles, home decor and useful DIYs including fish scrubbies, dishcloths, and even a pencil case

Celebrate Earth Day every day with Knitting Patterns and Projects for Earth Day such as fun up-cycles, home decor and useful DIYs including fish scrubbies, dishcloths, and  even a pencil case.  Did you know you could make yarn out of a t-shirt?  Or how about replacing dryer sheets with a yarn ball?

Read on my friends, read on.

Earth Day Patterns for the Home

When your factory made dishcloths wear out, replace them with hand knit 100 % cotton ones, knit yourself ( and all of your friends!) fabulous pillow covers and a vase – and throw in a trivet or two!

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Hand Knit Friendship Bracelets

Hand Knit Friendship Bracelets are the ultimate DIY made with love gift for a friend. Perfect for Teammates, Schoolmates, Party Favors and Kindred Spirits

Friendship bracelets will never go out of style.  You’ll want to whip up a gazillion of these for party favors, school friends, teammates, and kindred spirits.

Friendship Bracelets

What could be sweeter than a handmade gift for your bestie?  Friendship bracelets have stood the test of time, and are going to be on trend for many years to come.  Plus this pattern I put together is so easy and works up so quick, you will be a bracelet factory this weekend.  Using a simple twist and super bulky yarn gives the bracelet the sturdiness to keep it’s shape, making it wearable. Also, just think of how happy all your friends will be!

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20 Super Cute Knit Easter Patterns

20 Super Cute and Easy Knitting Easter Patterns for Spring and Easter Projects

Spring, spring, glorious spring. And with it comes Easter and all kinds of bunny stuff, including,  yep, you guessed it, a plethora of super cute knitting Easter patterns.

Pictured above from top left :

Nemcsok Farms – Hand Knit Easter Eggs

Gina Michele – Baby Bunny Rabbit Hat

Love Knitting – Sleepy Chick by Amanda Berry

My Poppet – Knit Hot Cross Buns

Red Ted Art – Finger Knit Bunnies

Food n Service – Knit Mini Easter Basket

Easter Patterns full of Bunny Cuteness

Some holidays just call for extra cuteness,  and Easter decidedly does not disappoint. And neither do these projects.

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Dish Cloth – Hand Knit in Waffle Stitch

Hand Knit Dish Cloth in Waffle Stitch

Not only can you always use another dish cloth, spring and summer are the perfect seasons for sprucing up and refreshing your home, and one really great way to do that is with some fresh knits for the kitchen, especially when they’re done in 100% cotton.  Another DIY you’ll feel great about.

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Dish Cloth

Dish cloths are great beginner projects because they work up quick, and provide something useful as the finished product – which in turn can be extremely satisfying to use or to gift.  They are also great projects for advanced knitters, as you can work them up en mass, and stockpile for gift giving.  This pattern is done in the currently popular waffle stitch.

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