Knit Dishcloth Pattern

Hand Knit dishcloth pattern worked in a seed stitch with a simple garden stitch border in 100 % cotton. A DIY you can feel extraordinary about

A DIY project sure to impress and satisfy. These hand knit dishcloths are worked with a really easy seed stitch that gives your cloth a little more tooth and makes an ordinary project appear extraordinary.

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Knit Dishcloth

Dishcloths are great beginner projects because they work up quick, and provide something useful as the finished product – which in turn can be extremely satisfying to use or to gift.  This pattern offers up the basic seed stitch for a little variety, with a simple garter edge for stability. We also use 100% cotton making this a DIY you can be proud of.

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Charming Knitted Heart Patterns for Valentine’s Day

Knit Heart Patterns for Valentine's Day A collection of charming and satisfying projects

It just wouldn’t feel right if Valentine’s Day cruised by and I didn’t do a collection of Heart Patterns.  So, I gathered nearly a dozen for you to chose from. No sense overdoing it, right?

Knit Heart Patterns

Other than copious amounts of chocolate, handmade gifts for Valentine’s day is where it’s at. And if you’re a knitter, which you probably are, hand knit items are probably your go to for handmade gifts.  If you’re an aspiring knitter, have absolutely no fear, these are all newbie friendly, plus you can get our You CAN Knit E-course right here

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Quick Cozy & Super Easy Ponytail Hat Knitting Pattern

Quick Cozy and Really Easy Ponytail Hat Knitting Pattern available for free. Beginner friendly that works up quick with satisfying and gratifying results.

If you recall how fabulous the Messy Bun Hat was, and still is mind you, you’ll have no trouble at all falling head over feet for this newest addition, the Ponytail Hat. Featuring a ribbed brim, and a really easy stockinette stitch rise, and of course that coveted spot for your ponytail or bun.

The decreasing is simple, and with the great big yarn and the big needles, this already easy pattern scores big points for instant gratification.

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Heart Shaped Knit Throw Pillow Pattern & Instructions

Hand Knit Heart Shaped Throw Pillow Easy pattern for a DIY valentine gift heart shaped cushion

Looking for a great Valentine gift? DIY this knit throw pillow in an adorable heart shape for your Valentine, as well as for every couch, and comfy chair in your home. I created this super easy hand knit heart pattern last year, and now I’ve used it to make these delightful little pillows.

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Heart Shaped Throw Pillow

Using giant needles, and double stranded yarn ( two strands of yarn held together throughout) this knit throw pillow works up really fast.  The increases and decreases handle all of the shaping – and once you’re done, stuff it with your preferred pillow or toy stuffing material. I pretty much always use a polyester fiberfill, or cotton batting, because well, it’s washable. I like to wash things.

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