Seven Knitted Scarf Patterns

Seven Knitted Scarf Patterns, including infinity scarves, an ultra long scarf, and unique cowls. Perfect for DIY knit gifts

Scarves are, quite simply, where its’ at. For knitters, knitted scarf patterns can be as simple or as complicated as you wish.

Seven Knitted Scarf Patterns


Cowls & Infinity Scarves

Cowls and infinity scarves are not only perfect for the fall / winter transition – they are paramount in staying warm without completely undoing all the effort you put into controlling your hair.  Wearing one is like wearing an endless hug, and creating one for someone else, if pretty much on par with hero cookies.

Anthropomorphic Infinity Scarf – love knitting

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Which is Better, Acrylic Yarn or Real Wool?

natural wool vs acrylic yarn. The pros and cons and when to use acrylic yarn instead of natural wool

The answer is pretty obvious – natural fibers are going to always be better than synthetic ones, right? Of course.  Before we write off acrylic yarn completely though, let’s talk about the pros vs. cons.

Natural Wool

Natural wool fibers can not be dismissed.  This stuff has been keeping multitudes of animals and people warm and dry for eons.  If you’re looking to knit some hard core work clothes, 100% natural wool is definitely your better option.  It can and will likely last a very long time, and stand up to the elements.  As long as wool bearing animal farms keep producing healthy stock, it is a renewable resource.  Also, the wool market has grown to include more than just sheep.  Wool producers have turned to alpacas, goats and rabbits as well as yaks.  Now really, what could be cooler than a yak farm?

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Great Knits for Kids


Around this time of year it’s nice to stock up on hats and mitts for our little ones, and if you’re a knitter, you probably want to make them all yourself.  Right?  See, I know, I feel ya.

I can help you out with this wonderful little collection of children’s knitting patterns.  These are sure to get your knitting and your little ones headed in the right direction for the cold season heading our way.  Go ahead and make all the warm things.

Children’s Knitting Patterns

Chances are you’re a knitter, or you want to be a knitter, and in either case, your timing is perfect.

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